《 Princesse 》English version

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This kit comes with video lessons on how to make one flower corsage.

The size of the corsage is large, making it a very gorgeous piece.
*Size of corsage: approx. 13 cm in diameter

The corsage will be the same design as the "FLEUR" corsage in the book “Beginners’ Haute Couture Embroidery: The World of the Paris Collection with Luneville Needles”,
but will be finished with a brooch pin in this kit.

The kit includes instructions for the detailed steps that were not fully explained in the book, as well as 5 video lessons (on Youtube), so you don't have to worry if you can make it by yourself.

* The videos are only available for those who have purchased the kit.
The QR codes for the links to the videos are included in the kit.

Target level:
Those who can
・stitch beads with crochet needles (can stitch several beads that have been threaded, from the other side)
・stitch spangles (can stitch several spangles that have been threaded from the other side)
・put on beads with a needle.
This kit is designed for those who can stitch beads and spangles with crochet needles, so there is no explanation about that in the videos.

The kit includes
・beads and other materials
・patterns and instructions

Materials to prepare yourself
・glue (bond)
・white Fil a gant

Tools to prepare yourself
・crochet needles
・regular needles
・a pair of scissors
・a wire cutter
・flat nose pliers
・a small spatula, brush, or bamboo skewer to apply the bond.

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¥48,400 tax included